Books by Pasha Hogan


The Joy of Creative Discovery: Practices to Reclaim Your Purpose & Passion

For fifteen years, the benefits of Pasha Hogan’s Creative Discovery™ workshops have been extolled by attendees—all kinds of people, with all kinds of challenges and dreams, going through life transitions and seeking a greater purpose and meaning. Most declared they were not creative, only to marvel at what was inside of them, just waiting for a chance to be expressed. 

Designed to help adults manage the uncertainties of life and move forward, this book sets the stage to explore the timeless questions: Who am I? and Why am I here? with an enthusiastic attitude of childlike curiosity and wonder, instead of fear and overwhelm. The reader is guided and supported on this journey with ten practices the author has used and perfected in her much loved Creative Discovery™ workshops. 

The practices draw on ancient and contemporary wisdom from around the world, containing real-life examples, inspirational quotes and poetry, probing questions, and enlightening myths. Each chapter engages the reader in activities, including writing prompts, art making, excursions in nature, stress-reduction techniques, and links to free guided meditations.

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The Joy of Creative Discovery is so engaging, so warm and insightful, that you feel like Pasha is sitting with you over a cup of tea, encouraging you forward in your quest for your own gifts, self-love and creative expression. Pasha’s life path as an inspiring teacher, wise therapist, and deep soul traveler informs her marvelous book. Her exercises call you to free yourself from the voices that hold you back, and her teachings exude the authenticity, wisdom, and light of one who has walked a profound life path, generously sharing the gold she’s discovered. Buy this marvelous book and share in Pasha’s bounty.
— Christine Warren, author of "Navigating Change: Conscious Endings, Visionary Beginnings"


Third Time Lucky: A Creative Recovery

In fairy tales, if the third travail doesn’t kill you, magical transformations occur. Third Time Lucky: A Creative Recovery is no fairytale, however. It is the real-life account of a young woman’s struggle and triumph over issues that affect every modern woman: sexuality, body image, empowerment, and the journey toward truth.

Pasha Hogan’s captivating story depicts how the devastating news of a third cancer diagnosis, at age thirty-one, catapults the author into the unknown territory of learning to love herself genuinely and honestly. As she confronts the ravages of cancer, identity and career crises, and depression, Hogan realizes that these challenges present the opportunity to leave behind “normal” life and embrace the longings of her heart and soul—to live a creative, full life as her true self. In Third Time Lucky, she invites readers to transform their own questions from, “Am I enough?” to “Am I enough of who I really am?” 

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This book is a joy to read, and I could not put it down. Pasha Hogan writes so clearly, powerfully, and enchantingly … about the inherent creativity and triumphant spirit in everyone, waiting to be freed.
— Larry Dossey, MD, author of "Reinventing Medicine" and "The Power of Premonitions"