Employee Wellness + leadership consulting

For an organization to thrive, the people in it need to thrive, too. Investing in your staff is investing in your business.
— Pasha Hogan

Building Resiliency & Dealing with Work-Induced Stress

People working in the behavioral health field are particularly at risk for experiencing work-induced stress because of their exposure to the suffering of individuals on a daily basis. In addition to stress, behavioral health workers are prone to experiencing Burn Out and Compassion Fatigue.

Pasha’s Employee Wellness programs focus on the employees at your workplace and tend to the needs of your staff to give them some of the care that they so generously give day-in and day-out at their job. Workshops & Retreats with Pasha are designed to enhance wellness, understanding, connections and community in and beyond the work place.

These programs are specifically designed for:

  • Leadership Teams

  • Therapists & Staff

Every organization is a living organism (made up of individuals) whose health and happiness in the workplace directly contributes to the productivity, profitability and health of the entire organization.

Benefits of Employee Wellness Retreats or Workshops

Creative and courageous conversations in the workplace are more likely to take place when people feel safe, supported and acknowledged.

Benefits Include

  • Increased engagement

  • Enhanced innovation

  • Increased success of individual and organization goals

  • Increased resiliency and reduced stress

  • Increased collaboration and cooperation

  • Improved communication and self-awareness

  • Employees feel acknowledged, appreciated and supported, contributing to a happier and healthier work environment

  • Reduced staff turnover

  • Provides stress reduction practices and tools

  • Employees learn to take responsibility for their own wellness

Sample Themes for Workshops + Retreats

Themes for these wellness workshops can be tailored to the specific needs of your staff and your organization. Some ideas include the following:

  • Cultivating Mindfulness as a Leadership Practice

  • The HeArt & Soul of Leadership

  • Building Resiliency, Creativity & Mindfulness in the Workplace

Pasha has lead employee wellness programs with:

Life Healing Center New Mexico,  Memorial Sloane Kettering Cancer Center NYC, Arts in Medicine University of New Mexico, Denver Health, Young Survival Coalition New York City, Washington State Social Services, Hospice Staff & Volunteers


Threads of genius and purpose are present in everyone but may only become visible when something creative is attempted. Let us keep attempting creativity.
— William Blake
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