yoga + meditation

Love everyone, serve everyone, remember God.
— Neem Karoli Baba

Practicing with Pasha

As a practicing yogi for nearly twenty years, and a registered teacher with Yoga Alliance, Pasha has personally experienced the profound heart-opening and empowering effects of yoga and meditation and loves sharing these practices with everyone. Yoga and meditation offer us an opportunity to bring a beginner’s mind not only to the mat or cushion but into our daily lives.

Pasha creates an atmosphere where each participant can find his or her own way into the practice. Wherever you are is the entry point and that is where you are met.

Yoga asanas (postures) help to relieve tension from the physical body so we can sit in meditation and ultimately work with the distractions, obstacles and negative self-talk that only serve to keep us from discovering the truth of who we really are.

Intentions and approach

Pasha interweaves powerful breathing techniques, alignment, intention, meditation instruction, visualization and chanting into all of her classes as she guides you on your own journey towards self-acceptance, self-compassion and self-love.

Instructions are given in a clear and gentle way welcoming absolute beginners and experienced practitioners alike.

You are welcome to visit Pasha’s YouTube channel for free morning and evening yoga practices and mindfulness talks.

Visit the store to find guided meditations from Pasha’s Intimate with Change Meditation Series to help you on your way.

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Yoga with pasha

Yoga with Pasha is a deeply spiritual and practical experience as you are encouraged to let your breath lead the way, instead of your thoughts, expanding this practice off the mat and into your life. Experiencing life with your eyes and heart open, full of wonder, warmth and curiosity…..loving yourself just as you are.