No Detours Digital CD

No Detours Digital CD


No Detours Digital CD (73 minutes) 

No Detours is a journey of self-discovery to accompany you through personal illness or difficult times.  The downloadable MP3s include a talk and three guided meditations for daily use:

  • The Journey: No Detours Talk: In this talk Pasha shares her personal experiences and insights as a three-time breast cancer survivor inspiring you to lay down your burdens and to follow your heart.

The three guided meditations can be used throughout your day:

  • The Morning Meditation helps you start your day clear and centered, full of warmth and curiosity for a brand new day.

  • The Journey Meditation can be done at anytime of the day to help you lay down your burdens so you can relax more fully into life.

  • The Evening Meditation assists you in transitioning into a restful and restorative sleep.

We hope you enjoy this offering and find it a helpful companion on your intimate journey into self-love, self-acceptance and healing.

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