Softening the Gaze Digital CD

Softening the Gaze Digital CD


Softening the Gaze Digital CD (70 minutes)

This audio download includes 5 MP3 tracks which include the following:

  • Softening of the Gaze:
    This talk and meditation invite you into a softer relationship with yourself and your inner critic. Imagine how different your life could be if you changed your style of looking from a critical eye to a softened gaze?

  • Intimate with Fear:
    These two tracks will help you learn how to demystify your fears and enter into a relationship with them, releasing their hold over you, enabling you to take the next step into life.

  • Just for Today Principles:
    These affirmations remind you to have a kinder and gentler relationship with yourself.  You can say them out loud, write them down and carry them around with you.

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