Client Testimonials

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Pasha brings a vast degree of professional expertise and life experience to her work, accompanied by a passionate commitment to support and empower people going through life challenges. All of her work was highly esteemed and sought after by our patients and staff. She is a gifted instructor who can quickly establish rapport with patients and effectively teach patients in gaining insights in mind-body practices.
— Gary Deng, MD PhD, Medical Director of Integrative Medicine, Memorial Sloane Kettering

Pasha is an extraordinary, gifted healer, teacher and spirit, whose work with me has literally changed my life. First walking into her yoga class, I immediately felt powerful, positive energy, peaceful spirituality and warmth that she absolutely radiated. Drawn to also see her for Reiki, I was blown away from my very first session. Each time, Pasha would begin with us talking about where I was and what my intention for that session would be, during which she compassionately shared her amazing wisdom and guidance — insights that I will always carry with me. The healing energy that Pasha channeled enabled me to open my heart and soul and come to love myself— something I never dreamt possible. I have since been trained and attuned by Pasha in both first and second degree Reiki, through many days of gentle, spiritual guidance and further transformation. Pasha has truly been, and remains, a gift and a blessing in my life.
— Sue S., Oregon
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I worked with Pasha for years in an intense residential treatment center for the recovery from extreme trauma. Her healing abilities are stunning. I have witnessed people crippled mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually recover with the genuine and powerful treatment Pasha gives so elegantly. Pasha is able to revive and enliven, to heal and to inspire clients who had miraculously survived multiple suicide attempts due to their extreme PTSD and unfathomable hopelessness. The depth of her character and the depth of her talent cannot be measured, but the effects of her work certainly can be witnessed and felt. It was my upmost privilege and honor to work with Pasha; as it will be for everyone who has the opportunity to work with her. Pasha is a skilled and authentic healer.
— Valerie Valentine MA, LPAT, ATR

I had the privilege of working with Pasha during my tenure as the Executive Director at the Life Healing Center of Santa Fe. Pasha functioned in many capacities for us at LHC – Yoga instructor, Reiki Master, retreat facilitator, staff trainer and facilitator of the weekly Creative Discovery ™ group - and excelled at each and every one of them. Pasha is trained as a psychotherapist and is deeply skilled in the healing arts. She brought a measure of compassion, empathy and loving care to all of the work she did with both our deeply wounded patients and our staff. She is, perhaps, one of the most fully self-actualized individuals I have known and her own life journey and continual self-exploration and growth has imbued her with tremendous empathy for the struggles of others and has given her the ability to connect with the most disparate of individuals. Patients valued their work with her highly and found tremendous opportunities for growth in their experiences with her. I recommend Pasha highly not only as someone extremely skilled in the healing arts but also as a deeply caring, compassionate and wise woman who brings all of her considerable talents, skills and life experiences to her work.
— Mary. C. Young, M.S. Director of Mental Health, Chestnut Health Services

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Pasha’s energy, spirit, and soul are amazing and really allows one to be who they are. Working with Pasha helped me to get out of my own way. I am so grateful for the work we did together and can’t recommend her enough.
— Erin, Canada

Working with Pasha has been an essential piece of my recovery from trauma, grief, anxiety and depression. Pasha’s guidance, energy, integration of spirituality, and her own creativity, have empowered me to discover my own truth and live a life of balance, happiness, peace and love. I am so grateful!
— Shannon S.
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I have had the pleasure of working with Pasha for a couple of years now in a professional capacity. The clients are immediately invested and never miss a group or activity that she does. We have some extremely difficultly diagnosed clients here at Life Healing Center, Pasha helps them when others have been unable. Pasha is one of the most grounded, positive and talented women that I have met in my 30+ years in this field. Above her talents and abilities she is dependable, filled with healing energy and always integrity. I am blessed to know her. I hope you have an opportunity to meet and work with her as I have.
— Tempie Juliano, LCSWs, LISW, LCDC, CSATs