Women’s Retreats


Creative Discovery Women’s Retreats

What is your soul calling you to do? What is yours to bring forth?
— Pasha Hogan

Going Deeper

It takes courage to slow down and enter into the unknown horizons of our hearts and souls without knowing what will happen. Retreats with Pasha offer you a sacred space in the company of compassionate witnesses to connect with your Soul Life and unleash the creative spirit that dwells inside of you.

During our retreat you will:

  • Explore myths and stories from around the world to see how we can activate and integrate their ancient wisdom into our modern lives in a beautiful, powerful and playful way.

  • Uncover the beliefs that keep you stuck, empowering you to become bigger than the story you tell yourself.

  • Engage in the spiritual practices of sacred feminism: self-acceptance, self-compassion and self-love.

  • Come into an intimate relationship with your body, mind, and spirit through gentle yoga, and mediation practices.

  • Activate the creative and healing processes through engaging in non-intimidating art making practices.

No previous yoga, meditation or art experience is necessary. The emphasis is on connecting with the sacred feminine and turning down the volume of the inner critic so that you can learn to recognize a new and powerful voice—your own.

Please contact Pasha to arrange a custom-made retreat for your group or organization and see the events page for current offerings.


Conscious femininity is an awareness of the energy of the rock and the love in the bird, the tree, the sunset. An awareness of the harmony of all things, of living in the world soul. You feel the harmony of the whole Universe, in the marrow of your bones.
— Marion Woodman
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