creative discovery workshops+ speaking

What makes your heart sing? What brings you fully alive? What gets in your way?
— Pasha Hogan

Workshops by Pasha


Not knowing “what will happen next” can be an uncomfortable place for many of us. Pasha brings her exuberance and passion for living to all of her workshops and speaking engagements where she helps you transform your relationship with the unknown into a deeply intimate relationship with all of life. 

We are all in this together! Each one of us longs to be seen, appreciated and loved for who we truly are. But first we need to be willing to see, appreciate and love ourselves.

Pasha sets the stage for you to get curious about the questions, and the answers, providing the tools and practices to guide and accompany you on your unique journey of self-discovery. Laying down the ideas, beliefs, and stories that no longer serve you can transform your life in ways you never could have imagined. 

The workshops and retreats are structured with a strong spiritual component and interweave creative tools such as poetry, myth, art-making, storytelling and ritual. There is an emphasis on playfulness and turning down the volume of the inner critic. Participants leave inspired, energized and full of hope, ready to take the next step towards the life!


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